Meet the Band
What do you get when you take tons of energy, the widest variety of music you'll ever hear from one cover band, along with many years of experience and throw it all on one stage for one night? The answer is clear: MISSUSED!

Coming from Birmingham AL, MissUsed has quickly become one of the most professional bands on the circuit and has no plans to stop taking over the scene anytime soon. People say all cover bands are the same, playing the same songs every night, but not MissUsed. Come to a show prepared to hear anything that keeps you dancing all night: from rock to country; 80's to pop; motown to funk; R&B to rap, MissUsed specializes in pleasing all ages and being able to adapt to all types of events. You name it, they've done it!

MissUsed will keep you guessing from song to song and night to night, always leaving you wanting more. Don't miss the opportunity to arrive early to make sure you get a spot in the front row, because that's where all the good stuff happens!